What is UVM

UVM-Unified Verification Methodology is the most adapted verification methodology in the industry. We recommend that you adapt one testbenching methodology and amongst the options available UVM stands out due to the market penetration that it enjoys.

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What is UVM-e Based Verification

UVMe methodology is driven by Cadence, and amongst the few languagues that allow aspect oriented verification. ASPECTs allow the verification engineers to bring more functionality with little code without having to go through more complex factory mechansims. It is amongst the most powerful methodologies however it does not enjoy the same market penetration as UVM-SV

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Methodology based Environment setup

Environment build up tasks for UVM or UVMe are very different from day to day verification tasks. If you are new to constraint random coverage driven functional verification we can help you setup and get going quickly

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Why Choose Us

WIRSYS is created by verification experts. You benefit from WIRSYS Director down to the team members all working directly on your project with a team size as you decide. We are an elite team of verfication experts that have been awarded key patents in forward error correction - LDPC, Turbo decoding, Viterbi decoding etc and have also published extensively in these and other wireless signal processing areas. WIRSYS has created testbenches for PHY layers of 802.11ac, 802.11ax, 802.11ad modems.We have worked in virtualizion domains using PCIe and NVMe transport on large FPGAs and also on several networking products. Our consultants are skilled across the full range of the most powerful modern tools, technologies and methods.

Verification Planning

Features Extraction, test plan writting, test plan tracking and regression management are all tasks that feed in to your verification planning and closure. We can help you automate them

Verification Training

We have industry leading courses in methodology based verification training labs. Do you want to give your team a kick start on verfication? It saves time and money to bring everyone up to a level where they start contributing to the testbenches quickly and efficiently.

Implementatin and Closure

A live test plan allows you to have better tracking toward coverage closure. We help you in features extractions, testplan implementation and coverage closure.

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What We Offer

We provide consultancy in methodolgy based ASIC/FPGA Verification. This can include UVM based test environment bring up or we can augment your existing verification teams

Verification Consultancy

All of our staff including the Director are all verification consultants. In a smaller consultancy teams all hands are on deck doing the verification work. In larger teams we would like to deploy some managment too. We are at our best in Verification consultancy mode let us know what team size do you need and let's work together.

We understand the importance of longer term relationships especially in generational products and ASIC life cycles. You can rely on us to provide you the quality service for the complete life cycle of your products.

Keep it simple

Our service model is simple. We are a core of team of like minded and experianced verification engineers who like to work together on verification projects. We work very thin with very little overheads and that all translates to affordable high quality engineering.

Less is more

We believe in quality, we are not cheaper by dozen but we will do the work that you can rely on to have a first pass success on your very expensive ASIC.


We can train your team if you fancy building your own inhouse expertise in area of constraint random methodology based verification. our courses are build from experiance and they get you up and running quickly.

There is world of conflicting and incorrect information available on line. You can end up not only learning and practising a wrong technique that can make your test environment not reusable and you would also waste your valuable time. Often money spend on proper training is money well spent.

Ready to use

Learn from Industry experts

100% Satisfaction

Improve your existing skills

Design/Verification IP Development

We provide verification IPs for standard protocols like UART, I2C, SerDes, AHCI, SATA, USB, DDR, GB ethernet, 802.11 variants MACs and PHYs, NVMe, PCIe, AXI, AMBA etc. Reuse them and save your development time.

Regression Managment & Verification Tracking

Verification planning, metrics gathering and subsequent tracking for coverage closure is an important aspect of verifcation that determines the quality of the verification process. In this important aspect we proivide consultancy to coordiante your planning effort and associate the implementations with a live test-plan to ease the tracking effort

The Company

WIRSYS is an international team of verification experts, skilled across different verification methodologies, EDA tools, technologies and ASIC/FPGA platforms. Our experts can augment your existing verification teams for the term of your current project or can provide full development life cycle from verification planning to complete verification closure.

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